Tuesday 18 September 2018

A Guide To The Kakushin ICO: Transforming How Ideas Become Real World Products

Steve Jobs once noted “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.
That is certainly one of the key tenets of the upcoming Kakushin token sale.
Kakushin has set themselves creating a world where anyone is able to take an idea and see it transformed into a reality.
They are creating the Kakushin ecosystem which will be designed in order to foster and fund the development of ideas which can solve real world problems.
To raise funds for the development, operations, and marketing of the platform, Kakushin is conducting a token sale. Here we will look at the Kakushin ecosystem and their upcoming token sale.
Benefits of Kakushin Ecosystem
The Kakushin ecosystem is designed to benefits everyone who participates in it. For innovators, the ecosystem will provide a platform for exposing their ideas to a new audience, get help from expert advisors and raise funding to help realise their vision.
For the backers of innovative ideas, they will be able to receive equity in exchange for their support. The Kakushin platform should provide access to a wide range of differs project which they can invest in.
For advisors, Kakushin is a place where they can be rewarded for providing their expertise to projects.
Overview of Kakushin
Kakushin is made up of three main components:
Kakushin Marketplace (KMP): KMP is, in essence, an online store for selling, buying and selling IP and products. All of the purchases are conducted using the native KKN token. The focus will be on developing eco-friendly and innovative IP.
Kakushin Incubation and Nursing Centre: This is a platform where users will have access to resources relating to ICOs. On this platform, they will be able to learn about and invest in ICOs. They can also use the platform in order to launch their own ICOs.
Kakushin Exchange (KE): KE is a platform which will make it was to convert between KKN and fiat currency. This will provide liquidity for the entire ecosystem.
Kakushin Token Sale
From the 1st of June to 30 September, Kakushin will distribute the platforms KKN token. There will be a total supply of 2.4 billion KKN tokens. Kakushin has set a hard cap of $30 million for the token sale and a soft cap of $4 million.
You can read more about the KKN token sale by visiting:
Kakushin Website:
Kakushin Telegram:

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Monday 3 September 2018

Kakushin picks up the pace for ICO and adds Credits (CS)

We have prepared some good news for you: Kakushin started to accept Credits (CS)!

Our team does a lot of research on crypto currencies in past days, had the idea to accept the ERC20 token CS as a means of payment for the Kakushin Project ICO in addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, BCH and EOS. We found that CS token has a stable development and could take an even more influential position in the future.
Kakushin is now giving all CS holders opportunity to buy KKN using CS tokens, At Kakushin, our ultimate goal after our Token Sale wraps on August 15 is to eventually expand our platform to empower innovators using Kakushin platform and create an Intellectual property hyperledger and token holders globally to more easily diversify and grow the value of their investments. And, providing access to invest in our platform by accepting new and established tokens in all of their forms is another step towards empowering more people to get involved.
Credits CS –
The cryptocurrency, Credits (CS) has been faring well enough since its inception into the market on 3rd March 2018. Even when the cryptocurrency market had shown a massive drop in the first quarter of 2018, Credits (CS) had started with a ‘steady’ growth trend. The platform of Credits completes over 1,000,000 transactions per second and the speed of execution is approximately 0.01 seconds. As can be clearly seen from this data, it is way ahead of Bitcoin and Ethereum in this case. The major reason behind this is unbelievably low transaction fees, a feat other cryptocurrencies have yet to match (as boasted by the official website of Credits (CS)).
About Kakushin
Kakushin, a decentralised innovation and intellectual property-driven ecosystem has opened the gateway for innovators to list their patents and intellectual property (IP). kakushin plans to utilize the decentralized technology to build a more robust association and a relationship between investors and innovators within the different sectors. Their platform will work through the Ethereum blockchain and the Kakushin token (KKN) to ensure investors get to meet and fund feasible business ventures. Investors will get to register and support their chosen ventures while the innovator receives the funds for the research and development of the business.
Information about the ICO:
Tokensale is live and will end on 15 August 2018
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Monday 27 August 2018

Kakushin Extends ICO untill September 30, 2018

After Discussion with the community and team members, we have decided to extend our ICO for 45 more days. Evaluating the current situation, monitoring the pace of collection, with raising funds, and attracting large investors and funds can develop in the most unpredictable manner. We have also received advice from various industry experts that lead us to this course of action. To ensure that we get maximum opportunity for success, we’ve decided to extend the End Date.

This month with Kakushin’s presence at International blockchain congress, hyderabad, did a huge job — We’ve collected more than $100,000 after IBC, which is undoubtedly a very good indicator. Recently Kakushin has been in discussion with some private companies about possible investment/partnership opportunity. A lot of investors declared their intention to participate in the project, This process requires some time and a lot of discussions.

The Decision is taken after our CEO, Chandan Indoria address the community with the plan to extend the ICO.

Statement from the CEO

Hello Community!

The mid of August has come, the ICO deadline has come, and today I would like to talk to you again. To tell you about the current situation, our plans and, as usual, to thank you for the trust and help in the development of our Kakushin Platform.

Despite not a very long time, along with you we have come a long way. Our idea of ​​creating an ecosystem for innovators utilizing blockchain technology and providing end-to-end solution for innovation, day-by-day, is becoming more and more clear. A large team of like-minded people working, the situation is constantly being analyzed, our task remains the same — to make such a product for the people that will be easy, convenient and profitable to use without having specific knowledge, but having quite specific needs.

As you all certainly know, in March this year, one of the most important stages of the development of our project — the ICO stage — started. We have recently attended International blockchain Congress at Hyderabad, which turns out to be favorable for Kakushin. Despite all the difficulties that have arisen, now we have collected more than $100,000 after IBC, which is undoubtedly a very good indicator. However, we, and all of you, understand that this amount is to fulfill all the ideas of the road map, i.e. Implementation of the platform in full, unfortunately, is not enough.

we completely understand that simple investors and, to a greater extent, owners of large capitals, first of all, are the same people as ourselves, and try to minimize their own risks, they also wait for the stabilization of the course, they also make sure how much it is possible in this sphere, in the correctness of its own decision.

We recently had tie-up with Credits platform and had added Credits Token in our payment methods, also we had added Eos as a payment option in our platform, in order to target a strong community of ICO and crypto enthusiasts, and both entities will benefit from cross-linking their communities.

During the IBC trip, several major investors declared their intention to participate in the project via the ICO, The participation of major corporate investors would have a positive effect on the project’s growth. Their investments will allow the fund to purchase the most promising assets, which will permit it to reach the goals outlined in the road map much sooner. All of the investors will benefit from this, since their revenue will grow along with the value of the assets.

Proceeding from all the above and the coming positive dynamics on all issues, we find it quite obvious and, it seems to us, the only correct decision in this situation would be to extend the ICO

Kakushin CEO

Chandan Indoria

We say a big thank you for your understanding and support up until this point and beyond. wish all of us wisdom in solving the tasks facing us, new creative and business achievements, and, of course, good luck!New ICO end date = 30 september, 2018.12 Noon UTC.

Information about the ICO:

Tokensale is live

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Monday 30 July 2018

Blockchain based IP Management System solution to Looming patent war

Every innovator or creator knows that any invention which falls under the protection of Intellectual property law could easily be stolen online. The protection and patenting of your creation/invention is very crucial to have legal rights of ownership. In the age of blockchain, the process of protecting and registering patents is becoming far simpler.
The potential to use blockchain technology for the management of IP rights is vast. Recording IP rights in a distributed ledger rather than a traditional database could effectively turn them into “smart IP rights”. Distributed ledger technology makes a safe, time-stamped and permanent chain of data it already has / its applications in many sectors.
Using blockchain as an IP registry may help give clarity to copyright authors, owners and users. By registering their works to a blockchain, authors could end up with tamper-proof evidence of ownership. This is because a blockchain transaction is immutable, so once a work has been registered to a blockchain, that information cannot ever be lost or changed. In theory, third parties could use the blockchain to see the complete chain of ownership of a work.
Currently, there are very few blockchain projects that are working to create IP registration management system. However, upcoming projects like Kakushin Ecosystem are looking to change this. While this project can certainly be beneficial for innovators and creators wanting a better way to search IP information, Kakushin wants to go a step further. Ultimately, this project aims to create a decentralized ecosystem for innovators to search/sort/register their patents, get funding for R&D of their innovation, and to buy/sell or lease the patent on Kakushin marketplace. The idea is that Kakushin was a solution for improving the current centralized IP registration systems. The project adheres to World Intellectual Property Organization standards, which could help increase its adoption.
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Wednesday 25 July 2018

IP focused blockchain solution

How long does it take to file a patent? It is one of the most daunting questions every patent applicant has. Irrespective of how simple the question appears to be, the answer to this is anything but straightforward.
It depends on country in which the patent application has been filed, field of technology to which the patent application relates and what Steps taken to expedite the patenting process.
Let’s look at the US as an example. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it takes about 22 months to get patent approval after going through the steps to file a patent. Also, application for a patent in a high-traffic field such as computer software can take twice as long.
The issue is that several IP filings must encounter manual audit. In the fast moving industries it is crucial to register your patent before anyone else would, which can be difficult to get your patent approved by these centralised patent agencies and other regulatory authorities. By replacing centralized registration systems with decentralized ones, it will be easier to not only register new IP but also update filings and transfer ownership at any time. The blockchaining of Intellectual property will provide an ease of registering or searching a patent, and provide users with complete transparency. This will quicken the patenting process so that the innovators can move forward with their innovations that are protected by IP law.
An open source distributed ledger framework for intellectual property rights management, upon which users can search, register and sort specific patent applications and inventions. Using hyperledger as an IP registry may give clarity to copyright innovators and users. The kakushin’s Hyperledger based IP management will verify the uniqueness of idea/concept with tamper-proof evidence of ownership.
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Thursday 19 July 2018

Kakushin ICO Prediction

Kakushin gets an outstanding review from coin predictor. The analysis of our project indicates great results and we are happy to share it with our prospective investors. According to a website “value of 1 KKN could move up +200.37% once Coin is listed on exchanges” Probably one of the highest price prediction on any coin.
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Wednesday 18 July 2018

Kakushin ICO Prediction

The startup has started its main sale. The start date of the campaign was 01 June 2018 and the scheduled end date is 15 August 2018 with total amount of 1200000000 tokens planned to be sold.
During the crowdfunding the price for 1 token is 1 KKN = 0.06 USD. Kakushin ICO prediction algorithm is showing that the value of 1 KKN couldmove up +200.37% once Kakushin is listed on exchanges when compared to the issue value during the token sale. This forecast is based on the same analysis obtained from “Investment” category and located in Australia concluded campaigns.
KKN is a ERC20 standard token, which is built on the Ethereum platform. If you are interested in participating in this campaign, then ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH can be accepted to buy KKN tokens.